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Silver Spirits
In the calm between the ocean waves, the Watchers surface for an instant on their journey through the dimensions, their silvery silhouettes visible on the sand.
Where they are going, no one knows, nor from where they have come.
But tall and small, slender and elegant in their hooded garments, they gather together, frozen in stillness, to witness a moment of time. Seldom seen. Rarely recognized.
Watching, always waiting and watching.

Solana Beach, California 2016

Photo: © David Björkman
The delicate blend of silvery, gray and charcoal hues in this elegant, high-gloss Fine-Art photograph creates a remarkable, stunning presence perfectly suited to a minimalist, neutral decor. Part of David Bjorkman's new Liquid Abstracts series, it preserves a moment in time at the Tideline on a southern California beach in fabulous detail and luminous color.  Reminiscent in tone of the mood and mystery of moonlight, the finished image provides an especially enigmatic presentation of a beachscape.
Only 40 prints will be made from this original photograph, plus one Artist Proof (see below).*
Dimensions: Horizontal image is 40 inches wide x 24 inches high. 1 inch deep.
Borderless. Print is face-mounted to acrylic on a hidden mount having cleats for ease in hanging.
Item: 10174  Price: $1800
Each print bears the signature of the artist.
Letter of Authenticity is included.
Price increases as the limited edition sells out.
Limited time free shipping.
One Artist Proof is being offered for sale. Price is $1500. Signed by the artist. Letter of Authenticity. Email info@zone913.com for details.
*We use only the finest American professional print-makers to reproduce our Artwork. The subtle shapes and colors of the image are reproduced by Lightjet laser technology onto FujiFlex, a high-gloss, archival printing material to create a "digital original" or "C" print that exhibits the sharpest, highest-fidelity image with superior color saturation. Prints of this type are the standard worldwide for photographic fine-art printing and have a projected life of 100+ years with proper handling and display. The print is then face mounted onto museum quality, polished OP3 acrylic, backed by Sintra, and secured to a recessed (hidden) Museum Mount that makes the image seem to "float" off the wall.
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